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Flowers for the Lunar New Year…

Today, 9th February 2013, Saturday, was a beautiful day…  Skies were blue… cloudless… windless… so cool and pleasant… Yes, the white plums are beginning to bloom…  And this one is dedicated to Autumn Belle…  These ‘Sen-ryo’ (Sarcandra glabra) are not … Continue reading

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Flowers… ‘Standing wave’, borage、azalea, lilac, black-eyed susan, sumomo…

Note: Am dedicating this post to Malar, who had graciously nominated this humble blog for the ‘Versatile Blogger Award’…  Had been ‘itching’ for a while to post these flower pictures… Some of them have been sitting in the hard-disk for … Continue reading

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Red ‘ume’ and three greens

Our two white Japanese ‘ume’ somehow bloom earlier than the red one…  The white is lovely, but hmm, in my humble opinion, the red is perhaps more radiant… no? Early spring sees the greens from autumn, bolting…  This specimen is … Continue reading

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Japanese plum aka ‘ume’…

It snowed yesterday…  Was chopping firewood when the snow came in…  Took time off from wood-chopping to smell the flowers… And in the midst of winter, it is but the Japanese plum or ume…  This was taken in the early … Continue reading

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Gardening in the heat of summer

Hmmm, must say to you folks that I am more of a (student) ‘gardener’ rather than a ‘blogger’… I take my hat off to some of you folks who can update your blogs so often… Anyway, been enjoying dirtying my … Continue reading

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