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Carrots, loads of it… and Chayote germinating…

Whoopeee… hope every one is enjoying the early spring winds and feeling excited about the upcoming growing season (for those living in the northern hemisphere, that is)… A lot of things had been happening in my life… some happy and … Continue reading


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Radish: the fresh and the preserved…

What can you do in the garden when the temperature shoots up to 36 degrees? Under this condition, it does not take five minutes to have my body bathing in sweat… not to mention the risk of being overtaken by … Continue reading

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Carrots, radish, broccoli…

Today is vernal or spring equinox and Japan celebrates it as a national holiday…  Which means I get to dirty my hands in the potager…  and also that the weather is warming up for good…. yahoooo…. But hmmm, my carrots … Continue reading

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Aliums, roots… and the Versatile Blogger award

We prefer red onions to the white ones… This year’s harvest brought us (only) about 2 kilograms of onions…  Yet another ‘indicator’ that there is still a lot for this ‘farmer’ to learn…   A mini-teeny 2 kilograms really does … Continue reading

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Bountiful peanut harvest…

Had been fooling around growing peanuts in the potager for about three years… The last two years had seen harvests that were, hmmm, pitiful… to say the least… Today, the leaves showed some signs of yellowing…  So, decided to do … Continue reading

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