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Sakuras, roots, and greens…

Yes, the sakuras in our property are blooming…This one is what is called Oshima sakura…their petals are known to be white… My favorite is the willowy ‘shidare’ sakura… The flowers are pretty, but it is the buds that really fascinate … Continue reading

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Roots and flowers for the festive season…

Today is the Lunar New Year…For the Japanese, it is ‘setsubun no hi’, translated as ‘Bean Throwing Festival’…On this day, the Japanese people eat ‘norimaki’ (vinegared rice rolled in seaweed), sardines, and throw beans to ward off the devil…In more down … Continue reading

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Mini radishes

Mini radish is quite fun to grow…I put one seed in one hole amongst other vegetables…The instructions say that they can be harvested in about 20 days…But I normally harvest them in about 30 days…This red radish was about 10 centimeters long… The … Continue reading

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Vegetable bed preparation

Did some weeding and tilling in the vegetable garden to prepare for spring planting…The soils is still cold but the weeds are having a head-start already.So, need to remove them before they get too big.Am putting up a boundary for … Continue reading

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A novice… but a gardener no doubt…

Fresh radish (C) Lrong Lim The temperature dips to just below zero in the early mornings.It is cold, at least for a warm-blooded Kedahan like me.Been trying out gardening for the last three or four years.Lots of failures, but lots … Continue reading

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