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Blueberries, plums, shiso, among others…

The three blueberry plants this year are giving us lots of fruit…Am feeling so blissful, to be able to eat these lovely fruits from our own garden…  In addition to blueberries, our plums are also giving us a bumper harvest … Continue reading

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Red shiso…

My missus bought a red shiso plant some years ago… And for all the following years, they have been self-seeding in our potager… They are part of the mint family, so they have ‘relatives’ like the basil, sage, lemon balm… … Continue reading


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Tomatoes, cucumber, perilla, red shiso, rocoto, Japanese yam…

The rains continue to come…Yesterday, we witnessed another session of blistering thunderstorms… And yes, it is the season for tomatoes…‘Momotaro’ is the strain… And of course, cucumbers too… Been chewing on these crunchies for some time now… The Korean perilla … Continue reading

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Amaranths, peanuts, malabar spinach, shiso…

Thanks to the frequent rains, things are growing very well at the potager…And thanks to Diana of Kebun Malay-Kadazan girls for sending the amaranth seeds…Grew eight patches of these amaranth and had been eating them for a while now… they … Continue reading

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