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Greens, beans, roots, etc…

Am very happy with the goings-on at the potager…  We have a lot of spinach this season…  and they are flourishing… we harvest and eat them whole, roots included… Planted this sole celery in April… Didn’t get to eat much … Continue reading

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China root berries, strawberries, pineapple sage, etc…

There has been just so much rain this year… Not to say that I am complaining…  It is just marvelous for the plants, in fact… This is a picture of the berries of a climber plant called ‘China root’… They … Continue reading

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Strawberries… the ‘tamed’ and the wild…

Am very happy with the strawberries…We get to harvest only a few fruits per day…Good enough as an additional topping to the yoghurt for breakfast… The rue is a member of the citrus family…The Italians apparently use it to flavor a … Continue reading

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Potager update for mid-march…

Gentle rains continue to fall in the garden…The sun has yet to appear, and it feels cozy to be at home…And yes, to be able to spend a tranquil morning at home with the one you love… Oh, isn’t this simply the … Continue reading

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Wild strawberries

There are several species of wild strawberries in the hills.Picked this up on one of our weekend walks.Tasted good and fresh…Looked it up in the net later… in Japanese, it is called ‘kusa ichigo’ (literally, grass strawberry).Also took a seedling … Continue reading

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