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Autumn 2021, early spring 2022 harvests  2021年秋、2022年早春の収穫

Some harvests to share…Was lucky (no wild boar attack) and happy to reap quite a lot of sweet potatoes.サツマイモの収穫。幸運でイノシシにやられなかった。 Yes, they were the purple type… sweet and delicious…紫の種類、甘くてうまかった。 Navel oranges… managed to harvest about 160 of them.ネーブルオレンジ、160個ぐらいの収穫。 Shared them with … Continue reading


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Late summer, early autumn harvests

Part of my day job requires me to make quite a bit of overseas travel, some of which can be rather long… Upon returning from one of those trips, I found the chestnuts had dropped onto the ground… Many of … Continue reading

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Winter delights: pomkan, mamba, peanut, sweet potato, ume…

Immediately after moving into our present house, bought this citrus ‘pomkan’ seedling… Finally giving fruits for the first time… and only two fruits at that… The taste was very good, I must say… and I surely look forward to more … Continue reading

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Potatoes and sweet potatoes harvest, ‘tasai’, and wild boars…

It snowed today… and for the first time this season, there was some accumulation… Harvested our potatoes this afternoon… They were killed by the frost… first time to experience this with potatoes… Am very happy with the produce that tipped … Continue reading

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The lone lemon, potatoes, spinach…

We bought the lemon tree seedling in April 2006…Five years later, it gave us the first fruit…Yes, the one and only precious, precious lemon…Other than the seeds, we used the whole lemon in our cooking… that is, the flesh and … Continue reading

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