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Gales on the 1st of January 2011

Looking at the picture above, I can’t wait for spring to come… It was taken one morning in the spring (April) of 2010… Was returning from a morning walk with my missus in the hills… And was carrying a gunny-sack of dried leaves to mulch the … Continue reading

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Tomatoes, daikon, beans, malabar spinach

A friend of my wife sent us some seeds of this Sicilian Rouge tomato… Tried planting it very late in the season…Not too bad in that we get to harvest some fruits just before the cold came in… Planted daikon … Continue reading

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Tomatoes… fighting off the crows…

Was eyeing to harvest the first tomato…But the crows always seem to know what is on the farmer’s mind…One day before the harvest, they took three of the biggest ones…Ooh… that was painful…Immediately put on a protective net…And luckily, could harvest some … Continue reading

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