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Snap peas, greens, potatoes, berries…

Beautiful weather these days in Shikoku, Japan… It is supposed to be the rainy season, and I am hoping for rain, actually… We ate the last of the snap peas this season…My missus prefers to harvest them when they are … Continue reading

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Roots and flowers for the festive season…

Today is the Lunar New Year…For the Japanese, it is ‘setsubun no hi’, translated as ‘Bean Throwing Festival’…On this day, the Japanese people eat ‘norimaki’ (vinegared rice rolled in seaweed), sardines, and throw beans to ward off the devil…In more down … Continue reading


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Friendly neighbors…

Several kind readers commented on the friendly neighbors we have here at Aji…Lucky as we are, my missus on one of her morning walks in the hills met an acquaintance by accident… The acquaintance was just heading to her garden plot … Continue reading

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Flowers to chew on…

This pic shows a salad mix prepared by my suweeto-haato…The usual stuff like peas, red turnips, onions, cucumbers…Plus, edible flowers like the blue borage, the red nasturtium, the sinewy, beige (?) rocket, the pink geranium… and the yellow chrysanthemum…All these … Continue reading

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