Retiring Potager Y @ Japan…

Thank you so much for following Potager Y @ Japan.

I have decided to concentrate my time and energy to maintaining just one blog (instead of three).

As such, future posts related to my gardening activities shall be posted in the blog ‘Setouchi Snorkeler’.

‘Setouchi Snorkeler’ shall be the primary channel to record all my activities related to life, hobbies, play, work, among other things…

Thank you in advance for your continued interest.

Now, come on over to…

Self-captured portrait at my favorite snorkel site (Paradise Point) in Setouchi…
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Autumn 2021, early spring 2022 harvests  2021年秋、2022年早春の収穫

Some harvests to share…
Was lucky (no wild boar attack) and happy to reap quite a lot of sweet potatoes.

Yes, they were the purple type… sweet and delicious…

Navel oranges… managed to harvest about 160 of them.

Shared them with many of my neighbors and friends as we could not consume them all…

Had to harvest all the tomatoes before the cold came in…

We consume them as they ripen… this one weighed about 400 grams…

Similarly, had to harvest all the chillies before the cold front arrived… pickled them all in vinegar and they are such a treat…

Potatoes… thrilled with the harvest, but still much room for improvement…

Chesnuts… another bumper harvest… they tasted absolutely lovely just boiled and peeled…

The one that brought me the most satisfaction was probably the persimmons (all of them, stringent type).
This year, four trees fruited, with one giving us particularly many fruits.
My appetite for persimmons was almost fully fulfilled.

The stringent persimmon needs to ripened fully so as to be sweet and edible.
I freeze them as they ripen, and de-freeze them slowly, one per day, for consumption.

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さくらさくら Sakura Sakura

(English follows Japanese)


Been playing the Shakuhachi for many moons now, but never really have had much of a motivation to play the well known song ‘Sakura Sakura’. Well, finally, here it is.

This is a traditional song dating back to the Edo period, I think, that was originally written for Koto. The songwriter however, remains unknown.

Accompanying the Shakuhachi performance is a video recording from two viewpoints, of the Somei Yoshino Sakura at our property. Try if you can, to guess how many bird sounds you can hear. These sounds are caught by the camera as they are, unedited.

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大島桜+「どこかで春が」 Oshima sakura + ‘Doko ka de haru ga’

It is raining lightly today and the feeling is good…
Early spring in Japan is such a wonderful time to enjoy the outdoors, even with a little bit of rain…
Stayed indoors however, to play the shakuhachi and watch the day go by…


21st March 2021 (Sun), light drizzle, about 16 degrees Celcius, feeling marvellous. Can’t chop wood, can’t do any gardening, so am spending my time indoors, slowly doing things I like. Took videos from the garden of Oshima Sakura flowers. Recorded the song ‘Doko ka de haru ga’ (my translation ‘Somewhere, spring beckons’).

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Potager Y @ Japan, what’s growing in December 2020

The year 2020 marks the 13th year of my ‘Potager Y @ Japan’ gardening hobby.

Each year, I plant and harvest about 50 types of vegetables and herbs.

It has been a very educational yet fulfilling, exciting and beneficial time spent, albeit spiced with some occasional failures.

At this time of the year, where I live, temperature dips down to about 5 degrees and rises up to about 13 or 14 degrees. Pleasant… even lovely and comfortable, I would say.

In the weekends, I tend the plots where winter vegetables (carrots, greens, fava beans, radish, beets, celery, lettuce, etc.) are growing, and harvest the remaining goodies from summer crops (tomatoes, peppers, pumpkins, etc.) as they ripen.

I touch and smell the flowers (Raja Ulam, zinnia, marigold) from summer and watch the honey bees collect pollen to bring back to the bee hive placed at the edge of the Potager.

Anyway, here are some of the plants that are thriving in Potager Y at the moment.

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