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Harvests from late autumn 2015

Obviously been goofing off again, for too long from blogging… 🙂 Anyway, here’s yours truly, feeling good at the potager… If you eat loquats, keep the seeds… Our loquat trees give us very good fruits, and seeds too… Over the … Continue reading

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Loquats, wineberries, strawberries, fava beans…

June is the season for loquat-harvesting… The fruits were so juicy and sweet… hmmmm… Normally, I need to reduce (in other words, ‘sacrifice’) the number of fruits, from up to about twenty fruits in a bunch to just two fruits… … Continue reading

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Loquats from the garden…

The previous owner of our house planted a very nice loquat tree on the slopes in our garden… I am perennially thankful to him for this… While the plant was fruiting, I thinned the fruits, leaving just one or two … Continue reading

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Loquat leaf tea…

We have three loquat trees in our property… All thanks to the previous owners… They give very good fruits… sweet, plump, and juicy… All these, with minimum care… (See here for photos of loquat fruits from our garden) Last autumn, … Continue reading

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‘Mountain peach’, loquat liqueur, butterflies…

We have what the Japanese folks call a Yama-momo tree in our garden… Literally, it means ‘mountain peach’…  I prefer this name to that of ‘wax myrtle’… It is a tall shrub, and a beautiful one at that… Its fruits … Continue reading

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