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Butter scotch pumpkin, Hawk’s claws chillies, etc…

Was trying to dig out an azalea plant to make space for the ‘Southern Cross’…    Slipped, fell over and hit my head on the concrete steps…  Next thing I knew was the sound of my own heavy breathing… My … Continue reading

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The Autumn Giraffe, among others…

Autumn days at Shikoku have been super pleasant… Cool, dry, and simply heavenly to be outdoors… Took a shot of our potager today…The marigolds are still blooming, as are the zinnias… This dwarf of a flower is called ‘wild chrysamthemum’ (野菊)in Japanese… They … Continue reading


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Berries from the Inumaki/Kusamaki tree…

Was visiting the University of Victoria at Vancouver Island, Canada, a couple of years ago when I first witnessed birds eating these berries…  I actually went over to the trees and tried one… Sweet, it was… Years down the road, … Continue reading

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China root berries, strawberries, pineapple sage, etc…

There has been just so much rain this year… Not to say that I am complaining…  It is just marvelous for the plants, in fact… This is a picture of the berries of a climber plant called ‘China root’… They … Continue reading

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