Cosmos from a friendly neighbor…

Saturday today started off cloudy…
The potager was wet from the heavy rain yesterday…
Could not really work on the wet soil…

So, filed the teeth of the chain saw to get ready for the upcoming wood collecting season for our wood stove

And changed the rotor-blade of the grass cutter machine…
Many of the blades were chipped due to inadvertent hits on rocks and pebbles while cutting the grass…

Later part of the morning, began to work on the slopes
Am using wood recycled from the stone masons to make ‘terraces’ along the slopes…

Was pleasantly surprised to receive some cosmos flowers from a neighbor the other day…
Along with the chrysanthemum, the cosmos is probably the most representative of flowers in Japan for the month of October…

Am linking this post to the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day for the first time…

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23 Responses to Cosmos from a friendly neighbor…

  1. One says:

    Your shots are all perfect. Purple and white cosmos are so lovely and pleasant especially when I have hundreds of yellow cosmos. A little bit of an overdose actually.

  2. Lrong says:

    One… odd that I have not seen a yellow colored cosmos in our area as yet… the white ones are most attractive to me…

  3. So that's what they are called! I see them everywhere at the moment! We walked past a field of them on our way home from the mountain the other day-so pretty!

  4. Lots of hard work in you Potager…and beautiful Cosmos. Thank you sharing the photos!

  5. Cat says:

    Seems cosmos are stealing the show this year for GBBD! Mine are orangey/red 😉 Lrong, I love the way you've captured their delicate quality. They look as if they are just floating upon the stem.

  6. rainfield61 says:

    Life is so well in a potager.Life is so good seeing flowers, breathing in fresh air.What else to ask for?

  7. cathy@home says:

    beautifull colours next years wish list I think

  8. Lrong says:

    Tanya… yeap, it is a lovely gift…Connie… the cosmos is really a pretty flower… I also enjoy the views of them flowering in open fields…Theanne… a lot of 'work' but so, so enjoyble at the same time…Cat… you 'caught' my thoughts well… that was exactly what I had in mind when shooting the cosmos… I wanted to capture their 'delicateness' by pitting them against the light source… Rain… life is a bliss at the potager… perhaps I should extend my 'weekends' and spend less days working on my day job… :)Cathy… good luck with your wish list…

  9. HappySurfer says:

    Pretty, unpretentious flowers they are. Are these considered wild flowers? We don't have them here. Come to think of it, wish we have more wild flowers here. Thanks for sharing these lovelies, Professor.

  10. lina says:

    Still working on the slopes? That's hard work. I love Cosmos. And those are lovely, Lrong. :)Thanks for sharing them with us. ^^

  11. Lrong says:

    HappySurfer… not really wild flowers these cosmos are… they originate from the American continent and it has become a very popular flower here in Japan…lina… yeap, am still working on the slopes… part of a long term project that will take a long time to complete…

  12. Stephanie says:

    Oh Lrong, you are so hardworking! I am sure your garden is looking really good now. Hope you have finished building the terrace. And btw, these cosmos flowers have pretty colours.

  13. Andrea says:

    I love your cosmos colors, I haven't seen these colors here. One knows that and maybe if she get these colors, she will share some with me, hahaha! Actually, we have only yellow and orange in the country, and it looks already boring being seen in highways side streets. Lovely photo compositions too.

  14. Lrong says:

    Stephanie… thank you for such kind words… I enjoy so much to be just in the garden… and the terrace will take a long time to complete as it is a long term project… Andrea… I like the colors too… next year, I shall be planting more of them for sure…

  15. Malar says:

    pink Cosmos? I never seen one before! Such a lovely colour!

  16. Lrong says:

    Malar… pink Cosmos are very common here in Japan… it is a delightful colour…

  17. Beautiful post…I just love Cosmos…all of them!

  18. Lrong says:

    scottweberpdx… thanks for your comments and for dropping by… I love cosmos too….

  19. Bom says:

    Isn't it wonderful how gardeners are such sharing and helpful people?

  20. Autumn Belle says:

    The cosmos are gorgeous, just like those exhibited at Floria.

  21. Wah your shots look very nice. Will look good for postcard. How about nenganjyou?

  22. Lrong says:

    Bom… true, we exchange quite a bit of things among us…Autumn Belle… thank you for your comments…Malay-Kadazan girl… am very bad with sending nengajos… but still, have to do so or risk being impolite…

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