Autumn 2021, early spring 2022 harvests  2021年秋、2022年早春の収穫

Some harvests to share…
Was lucky (no wild boar attack) and happy to reap quite a lot of sweet potatoes.

Yes, they were the purple type… sweet and delicious…

Navel oranges… managed to harvest about 160 of them.

Shared them with many of my neighbors and friends as we could not consume them all…

Had to harvest all the tomatoes before the cold came in…

We consume them as they ripen… this one weighed about 400 grams…

Similarly, had to harvest all the chillies before the cold front arrived… pickled them all in vinegar and they are such a treat…

Potatoes… thrilled with the harvest, but still much room for improvement…

Chesnuts… another bumper harvest… they tasted absolutely lovely just boiled and peeled…

The one that brought me the most satisfaction was probably the persimmons (all of them, stringent type).
This year, four trees fruited, with one giving us particularly many fruits.
My appetite for persimmons was almost fully fulfilled.

The stringent persimmon needs to ripened fully so as to be sweet and edible.
I freeze them as they ripen, and de-freeze them slowly, one per day, for consumption.


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